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Betta Ferrendelli Books


To the official website

of the award-winning Samantha Church Mystery Series

and An invincible Summer and Last Things

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my website — home to the award-winning Samantha Church Mystery Series, featuring reporter Samantha Church.

The first book in the mystery series, The Friday Edition, published in July 2012. The second book, Revenge is Sweet, published in November 2013. Dead Wrong, the third book, published in January 2015. Cold Case No. 99-5219, book four, published in January 2018. And I am happy to report that the fifth book in the series, On the Border, published in April 2020.

I also have two award-winning books in contemporary fiction, An Invincible Summer, which published in September, 2015, and Last Things published in November 2016.

For more about each of the books, each has its own page, here on my website, so check them out!

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions, or if you just want to make a comment about one of my books, I am always happy to hear from you! So just visit the 'contact us' page, and send me an e-mail.

Thanks again for stopping by! 

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